Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time for some Pictures

Jumping with his Daddy

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will is 21 Months old!

While we were in Huntsville Em asked a friend of Tangela's if she would be willing to take some pictures. She was very willing and the pictures turned out so cute. Here are a few

He loves to play with me. Actually, I should probably rephrase that and say that he loves to jump all over me! He is a fun kid and I am glad he is here to stay.

Em says it is bath time for the kid which means I get to play in the water too (well, not in the water but very near the water - I help clean up!)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Pictures

Tucker Here-

This is really becoming more of a William Henry Owens Blog but I guess we can share. Now Will can say my name! I think we can now be friends, better than we were anyway. He is still cautious around me which is just fine!

It has been a fun summer - somewhat low key. Dave and Em like it that way. Dave has been busy with Disc golf. Em has been busy reading and leading a book study with a couple of friends. Really good book according to her. Will is a pro at his daily schedule. He wakes, eats breakfast, plays, eats snack, plays, eats lunch, naps (for 3 hours most days) and then plays some more before dinner and bed. Sounds like a good schedule to me! I kind of function on a similar schedule. I prefer to take my naps outside under the tree but on days like today, it is a little too wet.

Enjoy the pictures and video!

Dave and Will playing the guitar

Will throwing away a banana peal. He loves to help!

Will's first haircut - before

From Summer time


From Summer time


From Summer time

Will's first artistic attempt with silverware

From Summer time

Will in his new rocking chair reading - his favorite activity (I love this face!)

From Summer time

For Dave & Em's 11th Anniversary Dave brought roses to work - 11 to be exact. They were beautiful.

From Summer time

And finally, the garden. We actually have four 3x3 ft boxes. One is empty but the others have tomatoes, zuchanni and peppers. The peppers are still not looking real good but we are hopeful they will come back to life.

From Summer time

That is all for now. We will put more pictures up soon! We are heading to Huntsville in a few days so we will get lots of pictures then.

Toodles for now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sorry - Been A Little Busy

Maddy here-

Spring is upon us! We have been busy. Dave and his neighbor cut down a few trees, Will is learning how to cook with mommy and how to play with the ball. He loves to throw around the larger soccer ball. It is a community ball but it has been in our yard for awhile. I can't quite get it in my mouth but that is okay. I sometimes will chase Will while he chases the ball. He loves me. That is all that matters!

I will pass along the notice to Tucker to not wait so long next time for an update. After all, it is summer and summer time means lots of pictures!

Love, Maddy

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Early Spring Pictures

Tucker here-

Will is coming along. I think we might be able to be friends. I am still skeptical but we are in the process of being friends. He is learning to throw the ball further and further. That is so exciting! Sometimes Em gets frustrated with me because I want to take the ball to her to throw but we are figuring things out. He is alright. Below are some pictures of us playing.

Spring is in the air, even if we did have snow today.

Love Tucker

Monday, February 23, 2009

Walking, Talking and Eating

Tucker here-

Well, it has finally started. Will is officially walking! Yes, very exciting. He thinks he should be able to run but every time he tries to walk really fast he falls. Doesn't seem to mind too much though. And I must admit, it is kind of cute (the video would not upload so hopefully I can get more footage soon and post it.)

Will is also talking a great deal which is so fun. He can say Maddy, banana and all done. I don't know that anyone could understand him except for Dave and Em but he can say them.

And finally, Will is eating foods on his own. He has been eating cheerios and graham crackers by himself for awhile but hadn't really ventured into fork and spoon foods until very recently. Here he is finishing up some yogurt.

The camera has been collecting dust most of this month. Hopefully with spring just around the corner it will surface again. Yeah for spring!

Love, tucker

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Time Sickness....

Hello Faithful Readers-

Maddy here. I have to tell you about what is going on in our house right now. All the humans are under the weather. I am not sure exactly what the flu is but if the smells coming out of Will's body are any indication I don't ever want to have the flu! His toots smell worse than mine and believe me, that is saying something! Em came down with this flu thing early this morning and Dave, he isn't feeling so hot right now. So, it has been a quiet and mellow kind of day.

However, despite the sickness, Em took some pictures of Will in the snow last week. So far, Will is not all that fond of the snow. That isn't too surprising since he doesn't like new textures all that much. However, Em did get a few fun shots. Enjoy!

And one shot of sweet smiles....

Stay tuned for more fun events that will be posted later this month.

Toodles for now.